Carry your cross

Imagine being Our Lady, given the greatest, most inconceivable joy imaginable: the direct bodily presence of the Lord Jesus Christ. What incomprehensible joy! What solace! To be honored with being the one who gives the Lord human flesh! Who gets to enjoy His presence daily! Only to have the interior knowledge that He will one day be taken from her. And not just taken, but to know that He will be taken in the most horrible, dehumanizing fashion. This is the cross that Our Lady carried with her throughout the human life of Christ. Being constantly in the Presence of the One Who can provide complete and total joy and fulfillment, while knowing that His time is limited and that He will be scorned, even by those nearest to Him.

Those of us who have been aware of the crisis in the Church, the horrible Passion that She has been undergoing for the past 60 years, have a similar cross to bear. This knowledge that Our Lord has been condemned and scourged and disfigured until He is unrecognizable. This is exactly what Holy Mother Church has undergone. She has been betrayed, and disfigured into something which is almost entirely unrecognizable. Yet we, as true Catholics, need to stand by Her in this dark hour. Like Our Lady, we must bear this cross that we have been given until the very end, when all will seem lost and the Church is finally crucified for all to see. It is a burden that Our Lady bore, and one that we must now bear. Do not lose hope, do not lose faith, but tread the steps of the road to Calvary, remain with the Church in this dark time and stand by Her at Her death.

We know what became of the death of Our Blessed Lord on the cross, and now we too can expect the same from the Church. She will be humiliated until She is unrecognizable to all save for a few, She will die, but She will be reborn. And when She emerges from the depths, us faithful Catholics must be there at the sepulchre awaiting Her resurrection.

There can be no compromise, we must bear our burden. In this dark hour, we must turn to Our Lady as the exemplar of this suffering. And while many of us may not live to see the resurrection of Holy Church, we must bear our cross right up till our death. Awaiting the day She will emerge from the tomb renewed and triumphant.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us!

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