As Unto Little Ones in Christ

I gave you milk to drink, not meat; for you were not able as yet. But neither indeed are you now able; for you are yet carnal.

1 Corinthians 3:2

Lately I’ve been delving into the theosophic and esoteric works of Freemasons, just to get an understanding of the syncretic worldview. I’ve been slowly working my way through both Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike and The Secret Teachings of All Ages by Manly P. Hall. Both of which are avowed Masons with a vast knowledge of the esoteric. I also made a point of reading the works of Hermes Trismegistus as well, to understand the Hermetic foundations of the esoteric.

The above passage from 1st Corinthians by St Paul comes to mind when I reflect on the works of these authors, as well as those who indulge in the occult and esoteric worldview. It also comes to mind when looking at the Scriptural interpretations of non-Catholic Christians, Protestants/Evangelicals namely, and how they seem to not quite understand the fullness of the message therein.

Drawing upon the analogy of St Paul, all Christians begin their knowledge of the tenets and principles of the Gospel, which is the milk that feeds their souls. The meat St Paul references, represents the deeper mysteries and theology of the Faith, which the devout Christian cannot graduate to until they have been provided an understanding of the Gospels through Scripture. Now, when it comes to non-Catholics, they too are reared on the message of Holy Writ and the Gospel, but they tend to maintain their intellectual “diet” (so to speak) on just the words of Holy Scripture and never really graduate to a deeper understanding of the mysteries therein. And this is because they have rejected the guidance of Holy Tradition in coming to understand completely the nuances of Scripture and the Godhead. They merely reside on the milk of the faith and never truly graduate to partake of the meat. You find those who are able to imbibe the “meat” of Christian knowledge within the flock of those who have been reared and accepted Sacred Tradition, in this case, Catholics and Orthodox. Now, this is not to say that the knowledge of Catholic and Orthodox theology is somehow closed to only the initiated, because this is simply untrue. All Christians can accept the same teachings of Holy Tradition, the problem arises from the fact that they are not in a spiritual position to come to a full understanding of theology because they aren’t predisposed to partake of the “meat” as St Paul says.

The same can be said of non-Christians, particularly those of the theosophic and esoteric variety, who pass over the nourishment of the milk of the Gospel, dismissing it as for those “infantile” in spirit, and rather indulge themselves of the meat of the Divine mysteries. They declare that through their own will they have reached a point where they can partake of the spiritual meat, even though they have not been sufficiently reared and nourished with the milk. The rejection leads to a spiritual incontinence, preventing them from fully “digesting” the mysteries of the Godhead, leading to erroneous and varied conclusions about spirituality, and more often than not, dismissive conclusions about the Church and the Word of God. These mystery religions and secret societies claim that they have graduated beyond the necessity of the “milk” of a proper Christian foundation, and rather believe that they have been initiated to a higher level of understanding. When in reality, they aren’t able to properly interpret or understand one sentence of Scripture with a proper spiritual understanding.

Common symbols of Freemasonry

I cite the shared truths of the various non-Christian religions in history as evidence of this spiritual incontinence. Where they all seem to have many commonalities, but also many incoherent beliefs and contradictions with each other. They will point to the “goddess” Isis, in the case of Manly P. Hall, as the inspiration for the qualities of the Blessed Virgin Mary; when Sacred Tradition, in tandem with a full understanding of Scripture, teaches that She was conceived in the Mind of God at the outset of creation with qualities including, and exceeding, that of all of the “mother goddesses” of the world’s non-Christian beliefs. It is not that Christianity merely lifted these ideas and grafted them onto the belief system later, but that Mary truly possessed these qualities in her earthly life and after her assumption to the Heavenly life.

The Egyptian goddess Isis

We see this also in the worship of the sun so common among all the religions. Mr. Hall once again cites the sol invictus cult as having been integrated into the Gospels after the earthly life of Christ. When again, these mysteries were known to the angels and devils from the onset of creation, and even to our first parents, and were simply deformed and altered through the various mysteries of man-made cults. Just because there is a similarity to a past religion does not necessitate appropriation of these qualities, rather, I argue, that they were common mysteries inherent in all of these belief systems due to the knowledge passed on from Adam to his offspring.

Herein lies the folly of the pagans, the occultists, the Masons, and other esoteric societies: their pride has made them believe that they are capable of properly “digesting” the spiritual meat of Divine mystery, when they only really have a spiritual tolerance for the milk of wisdom. They refuse to be as ‘little children’ and humble themselves, rather they tackle the sacred mysteries as men. This has lead to a miasma of half-baked conclusions and complex ideas of those things of the Godhead, which are utterly simple and open to all of the faithful. It is as if the Tower of Babel fell and the Truth was dissolved in a sea of theosophic speculation. May God guide these people to the True Faith.

Mary, Seat of Wisdom, pray for us!

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