An insight into the “simulation” ontological worldview

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of the works of Wolfgang Smith, many of my recent posts have been directly inspired through the study of his works. As of right now, I am nearing the end of The Wisdom of Ancient Cosmology and I came across a point Prof. Smith makes regarding the mathematical view of the soul in physics and the conclusions drawn from them. Following is an excerpt from Chapter XI “Interpreting Anthropic Coincidence”:

A fourth version of the SAP (Strong Anthropic Principle) -in a way the most interesting of all- known as the Final Anthropic Principle (FAP), states that “Intelligent information-processing must come into existence in the Universe, and, once it comes into existence, it will never die out.” The idea derives from a paper by the distinguished physicist Freeman Dyson, which appeared in the ‘Reviews of Modern Physics’ in 1979 under the title “Time without End: Physics and Biology in an Open Universe,” and from his Darwin Lecture entitled “Life in the Universe,” delivered two years later at Cambridge University. Based upon concepts presented in these papers, a new mathematical discipline has come to birth, presently known as “physical eschatology.” According to this theory, living creatures -and especially intelligent creatures- are in effect computers, made up of hardware plus a program. The program, of course, is seen as the scientific equivalent of what formerly was termed the soul. Barrow and Tipler make the point explicitly:

‘The essence of the human being is not the body but the program which controls the body; we might even identify the program which controls the body with the religious notion of a soul, for both are defined to be non-material entities which are the essence of a human personality.’

The hope or intent of eschatology physicists is to show that somehow “programs do not die,” which is to say that information-processing can perpetuate itself into future states of the universe, in which conditions will no longer allow the kind of biological hardware which presently exists. We refer the interested reader to Barrow and Tipler’s Oxford University treatise, in which the proposed “principle of immortality” is expounded. What confronts us here is a branch of physics, or at least a discipline that claims to be such and exhibits the trappings of a mathematical science, which seems quite overtly to encroach upon the turf of theology: what is one to make of that?

Wolfgang Smith, A History of Ancient Cosmology. Ch. XI, pp. 210-211

What indeed is one to make of that? From my perspective, it seems as though the proponents of this view have discovered a scientific basis for the soul, even possibly that of a scientific proof of God! That point aside, I felt the need to share this excerpt from this excellent book on traditional cosmology because it has much in common with an earlier post of mine regarding the “theory” of simulated reality.

You can download a free copy of Wolfgang Smith’s book, as well as some of his other worthy titles, through God bless!

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